Dickinson Funeral Home offers cremation services to families of La Crosse CountyPlanning for crematory services is a specialty of Dickinson Funeral Home.
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Cremation Services for Your Needs

The reasons for preferring cremation may vary. For some, it seems a more natural process than traditional burial. Some may have environmental concerns. Others are not sure why they feel more comfortable with cremation but are interested in learning more. At Dickinson Family Funeral Homes and Crematory we understand that every family is different and you are offered a wide range of services to ensure that your family's needs are fulfilled.

Dickinson Funeral Home is the first funeral home in Western Wisconsin to own and operate its own crematory. This unique association allows us to offer you and your family a superior service and the peace of mind in knowing that your loved one does not leave our possession at any time during the cremation process. You and your family can be assured that your loved one's wishes and services are carried out with dignity and respect.

Rules and Regulations When Choosing Cremation

  • The State of Wisconsin requires a statutory forty-eight hour period prior to any cremation occurring.
  • The La Crosse County Medical Examiner must give written authorization for any cremation occurring in La Crosse County.

All of us at Dickinson Funeral Home and Crematory will guide and assist you through every aspect and selection made at this difficult time. We're available to answer your questions, contact us for your planning needs.

"We are the longest running funeral home in Western Wisconsin
to own and operate our own crematory"
-Don Dickinson