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I was a patient of Dr.Hayden's many years ago.I was blessed having him to be the ortho surgeon on call that evening after suffering severe and massive compound fractures to my leg.I will never forget his compassion and incredible expertise in repairing the damages.I walk now without a limp.His *twinkling eyes* will never be forgotten by me.Another fond memory during my hospital stay was he was celebrating a birthday and I purchased a small wooden duck from the gift shop.When he accepted the gift tears were welling in his eyes and for many years after this memory has also brought tears to my eyes.And to the LPN Jeanne Kinder that also posted fond thoughts,YOU were my nurse and you also had many of Doc's same qualities.God bless you Dr.Hayden!.
From Dennis Olson

6:38 pm - 03/22/17

John and I were cousins and, through his and Sarah's meticulous genealogical research, I learned all I know of the Hayden family. We would exchange Christmas letters and phone calls, and when I broke my wrist John was full of good advice on how to achieve the best recovery! We enjoyed our possession of the three trophies won by my grandfather Harold and John's uncle Cotton's boat the Akabo and I treasure the photograph of a bluebird that John sent one year. My memories pale in comparison to all those of John and Phyllis' children. I hope that all your memories give you comfort at this most difficult time.
From Marel Rogers

7:14 am - 02/15/17

Our heartfelt condolences to the Hayden family.
From Robert, Patricia, Chris, and Les Burns

10:46 am - 02/12/17

I am so sorry for your loss. John was a great man. He will be deeply missed. RIP John. Fly high and go reunite with your angel your wife.
From Missy Sader

4:38 pm - 02/11/17

Ps.116:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord,is the death of His saints." I celebrate with you the homegoing of your Father,grandfather and friend. He ran his race well and will now receive his rewards! It was my joy to work with Dr. Hayden when I became the "head nurse" on the orthopedic floor.He taught me much as he begun doing all the joint replacements.Nobody was better at treating all the cornpicker accidents we had than. His kindness and compassion affected many. I will treasure his memory!
From Susan Corcoran Trailer

9:54 pm - 02/10/17

My deepest condolences to the family. I had the good fortune of working with Dr. Hayden at Lutheran hospital in 1965. he was such a kind doctor and especially helpful to a nurse in her first job.! I leaned so much from him , Paulette
From Paulette Gunderson

8:35 am - 02/10/17

I had the honor of working at Gundersen in the Hospital Orthopedics area while going to school to become an RN and also in the surgery department assisting with many Orthopedic surgeries. That was many many years ago. He always had a smile and story to tell. I also had the honor of graduating with His daughter, Sara. RIP my dear Doctor. You have had a full life.
From Vicki Balts Rach

12:20 pm - 02/09/17

My condolences on the loss of your father and grandfather. A remarkable man and physician. You are fortunate to have had him in your lives for as long as you did. Greg
From Greg Johnsen

6:00 am - 02/09/17

Absolute competency, humility, kindness, command of the operating room, and a willingness to share what he knew are my memories of Dr. Hayden as I was beginning and he was winding down his surgical practice. For sure, someone for me and other young surgeons to emulate.
From Jeffrey Landercasper

7:08 pm - 02/08/17

Doc Hayden was my physician, but he became my friend. That was the way it was with him. His gentle, endearing, humble and kind character distinguished him. The world was a better place with him among us. May he rest in the peace of Christ.
From Steve Rudolph

8:26 am - 02/08/17

My prayers and sympathy. Dr. Hayden made myself feel welcome at Christ Episcopal Church. I am very appreciative of his dedication and work in restoring the stain glass windows at the church.
From Richard Dungar

6:35 am - 02/08/17

I met Dr. John Hayden when I came to Lacrosse and accepted an LPN position on the Ortho-Neuro floor of Lutheran Hospital 49 years ago. This man, MD, was one of the most kind, talented, thorough, and soft spoken MDs ever to grace to halls of a hospital. He had the respect of the ENTIRE staff and his patients. My fondest memories of him were many years ago, when he started doing Total Hips, he would come to the unit after surgery and get up his patient (the same day of the surgery) and get them out bed and stand them up and "rock them up on their toes" usually with the help of another nurse ... I was privileged to be one of those nurses many times, many years ago. Another memory, was that he would very quietly go to the patient's kitchen area on the ortho unit and get several packs of saltines and several pats of butter. And if someone saw him eating them in that little kitchen at lunch time ... he had the biggest smile on his face! That man, loved his crackers and pats of butter! I also remember one Winter morning after a huge snowfall, when traffic was halted, he came to work on his cross-country skiis or snow shoes ... I can't remember which one now. He was so dedicated. We all loved our "Papa John".
From Jeanne Losinski Kinder (retired LPN)

4:55 am - 02/08/17

I met and took care of Dr. Hayden at the Willows Assisted Living. He was one of the most kind, considerate, gentle, and intelligent gentleman I had ever met. I loved watching his interactions with his family and the love his grandchildren so affectionately showed him. He will be missed. May he be at peace.
From Marianne Frost

6:35 am - 02/07/17