Guestbook for Jeffrey Scott Graves
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Janet, Please know you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Deepest sympathy.
From Jan Hutchens

8:06 am - 08/28/17

My deepest sympathies to Janet, Heath,Heather and the Graves family. Jeff was the coolest dad around. I have many fond memories hanging out with the Graves from carrying canoes down Palace Street on our heads to canoe in the Black River to playing quarters with water and mostly ganging up on Heather. I remember going to concerts at the LaCrosse Center (like Night Ranger as it was Heaths favorite band and probably still is:) with Heath when Jeff worked security there at nights. I remember you guys taking in Foreign exchange students which nobody on the northside was doing. I remember Svenya Tesch and Bo Lundberg mostly. Bo...the Graves family brings a Swedish import in for a year, the guy is 6'6 250 and we get excited to have him play football and he ends up being our kicker. Biggest guy on the team and he can only kick. Jeff touched many people lives in LaCrosse and set an example for many youth in the area. He was definitely one of the dads that I looked up to and made me a better human. He was an exemplary role model, leader and father and will be missed greatly. Again my condolences to the family and God Bless.
From Tony Rouches

7:31 am - 08/17/17

Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends on the loss of Jeff. Sadly we cannot attend the wake or funeral. I read Jeff's obituary and regaled at the life He had. Amazing! What a great life he led. I knew him to be a person of integrity, compassion and honesty. All great traits to a good life, but even better when you are professional police officer. They try to teach you those traits when your hired in law enforcement, but they didn't have to with Jeff. He already had them! God bless OG! Onto the next journey!
From Susan and Michael Rosenau

4:27 pm - 08/15/17

Gone way to young.Such a wonderful person.I am very glad to have had the opportunity to know him & work @ LCPD with him.My condolences to his family.Rest In Peace Officer Jeffrey Graves and thank you for your service to the community.
From Barb Peterson

1:42 pm - 08/15/17

Sending deepest sympathy and prayers to Jeff's family and friends.
From Mary Ott

1:31 pm - 08/15/17

Jeff was a great uncle to my sister and I, as well as a great brother to my mom. My fondest memories will always be from my childhood when either he and Janet came down to visit us in Kansas City or we came up to visit in La Crosse. Reading these memories posted by friends and loved ones are heartwarming and I'm touched knowing he had such an impact on so many people. Many of these tell of the loving man he was and of the great friendships he tenured over his rich life and very nice look into much of his life I missed, seeing as we lived roughly 400 miles apart. But what I will always remember is my uncle Jeff, the goofball. (A trait not lost on his son) A guy who was always up to horse around and help me pester my mother haha. Who would swerve erratically while driving us up to Granddad Bluff just to get her to tell out, or buy my silly things at the gag shops my folks wouldn't. I remember and still have every baseball card he bought me for my birthdays. Still wrapped, colliated and in order. I remember being bummed out about these gifts since they weren't to be played with and were to be considered collection pieces. I eventually figured it out, so forgive me for being a goober kid, uncle! These are things I will always remember and cherish as I try my best to imitate his characteristics as a father. We will all miss him dearly, as he has left us too soon, but make no mistake he has left more than a lifetime's worth of memories with all of us.
From Bryan Malcolm

12:11 pm - 08/15/17

I have many fond memories of Jeff as our youth leader at St. Luke's and our Wings of Faith group back in the 1970's! Jeff touched the lives of many young people, me included, at a crucial time in our development - he was positive, thoughtful, caring, funny, fun to be with, and put the needs of others before his own. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as I'm sure he will be greatly missed by so many.
From Sue (Fitzpatrick) Horne

11:22 am - 08/15/17

Officer Graves was a huge influence and presence for our generation (Class of 1998). He was one of the few people I looked up to outside of the home. He cared for all of us, was a positive role model, a teacher, and truly was a public servant. I am truly blessed to have known him since my days at Jefferson Elementary, Logan Middle, and Logan High School. It is because of his work in DARE that many of us learned of the dangers of drugs (both legal and illegal) and how abuse impacts our health and bodies. I have few memories to share. He taught us through example about honesty and doing the right thing; the teachable moments. Officer Graves had a coin collection he was very proud of. He noticed that certain coins kept disappearing over time. After much investigation, his son took those coins and bought candy from The Sweet Shop. His son learned a valuable lesson as did we about integrity. Though my memory of this is fleeting now at best, maybe one day Heath will share this story with you all too and jog my memories. My last fond memory of Officer Graves was in the early-mid 90s (forgot which year), Officer Graves and his partner were in our neighborhood. They were delivering trees, ornaments, and gifts to a family in our neighborhood. He looked over at our window and recognized me. Suddenly, they went back to their vehicle and brought my family a Christmas tree, ornaments, and a few gifts as well. He really made that Christmas special for us. Although I wish I could have been there to see you off on your journey to be reunited with your parents, it has truly been a blessing and privilege to have known you. Your smile, kindness, and humility will be sorely missed but you will continue to live on forever in our hearts.
From Wai (Wise)Yang

9:44 pm - 08/14/17

As a County Juvenile Court Social Worker I had the honor of working with Jeff for several years. He was dependable upbeat and positive while always professional. A good man. He will be missed.
From Jim Fox

6:26 pm - 08/14/17

Heartful condolences to the Graves family.
From Maribeth Becker

2:25 pm - 08/14/17

I am sadden to see the news of Officer Graves and his passing. Officer Graves was one of the bestest D.A.R.E. officer ever in my book! There were many, many students, including myself, that he watched grow up from elementary school and then graduating from Logan High School. He was always kind and his students were very important to him. He was always more than willing to help and answer any questions you may have. He made sure his students were safe in school. In high school, he would hang out by the commons area and engage with the students by having conversations or sitting down with them at the tables and ask how they're doing. No matter how many students there were, when he patrolled the front entrance, hallways or outside and he didn't recognize a student, he knew right away that was not one of his students. Officer Graves was a great man and he will truly be missed by many. I will always remember him. Thank you for your many years of hard work and dedication to the DARE program. My condolences to his family and friends. I am honored to have met Officer Graves!
From Edna Moua (Vue)

12:03 pm - 08/14/17

Heather and Heath, I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of both of you!
From Kristi (Schirm) Kempen

10:32 am - 08/14/17

I was a teacher at Longfellow Middle School for over 30 years and ran into Jeff at many Opening Day Ceremonies or whenever we had meetings at Logan Middle & High School. Jeff was always professional, but friendly, and had a perpetual smile on his face. The students loved him. He will be missed, but how poignant that his son take his place. Thank you for your years of service to our students and community, Jeff. My thoughts and prayers to your family.
From Jan Crandall

8:55 am - 08/14/17

Dear Janet and family, So sorry for your loss. I'm so honored to have met and known Jeff and your family. It's amazing how much you can learn about people from a 30 second transaction (coffee & scone) several times a week. I always thought it was really cool that you hosted a new neighbors party for college kids moving into your area and I loved when your daughter and grandkids came to visit, you all just seemed so happy to be together. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me. RIP Jeff. You will be missed by many.
From Jennifer McCoy

7:40 am - 08/14/17

Janet and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I'll always remember Jeff's morning coffee, scone, smile and hello.
From Jocylyn Poehler

7:21 am - 08/14/17

I remember what an awesome officer he was to me and my fellow students in the DARE program! I attended Jefferson Elementary school in La Crosse. I am now a blessed wife, mom of two beautiful children and a pastor for The Salvation Army in Arkansas. Thank you Officer Graves for your impact and dedication!! God bless and be with your family!!
From Shannon McCain Thorson

7:51 pm - 08/13/17

What a wonderful obituary, Jeff was such a nice guy. I remember back when I would babysit Heather and Heath they were adorable kids and fun to watch. I can remember one time after they decided to get a cat (Siamese), I was so afraid of it. When Janet and Jeff would leave the house, I would put the cat in their bedroom. Well they figured it out what I was doing because the cat made a mess in there. Busted. Ellen Wright Harbaugh
From Ellen Wright Harbaugh

5:11 pm - 08/13/17

Deb Meyers Blackbourn wrote on my page under obit: Jeff was one of the "good guys!" I worked with him at the Onalaska Police Dept. - he was well liked by everyone! God definitely has another angel in his midst!
From Mary

1:26 pm - 08/13/17

Officer Graves was one of the most humble people I had ever met. He would walk the hallways of Logan High with a smile and would say "hello" even if he didn't remember your name. His smile was genuine and he was always soft spoken. It's amazing how after all these years I can still see his warm smile and hear his voice. He did his job well and will be missed by many. The perfect description that always came to my mind when I saw him was "a gentle giant." RIP Officer Graves.
From Linda Xiong Lee

1:09 pm - 08/13/17

Jeff was one of the "good guys!" I worked with him at the Onalaska Police Dept. - he was well liked by everyone! God definitely has another angel in his midst! Praying for Jeff's family & friends. May all the wonderful memories you havene a source of comfort to you now.
From Deb (Meyers) Blackbourn

10:44 am - 08/13/17

I remember Jeff from Wof, he was a kind and patient person. He was always there to listen to you about anything......he will be missed by so many people....
From Brenda Craig

10:22 am - 08/13/17

I knew Jeff back in the 70's and 80's when he was a Supervisor at the skating rink that is now George J Hicky Park. He was a wonderful man. He made the cold days warmer with his warm heart and great humor. My husband, Neil Sanders, knew Jeff years ago when Jeff was a police officer and Neil worked for the coroners office. Neil says he was a very kind and very fair man. We both send our deepest sympathies. God Bless you all.
From Mary (Peterson) Sanders

9:23 am - 08/13/17

I had the privilege of knowing Jeff for many years. We didn't see each other for a number of years, yet there he once once again when my children Kristine and Matthew Bell were students at Logan High School. You shall be missed.
From George Bell

8:47 am - 08/13/17

I was a neighbor of Jeff's and Kim's when I was up until half ways through the 5th grade at Rosevelt Elementary. We lived on the corner of George and Hayes in the house that had the Jerrys Barbershop sign in front of it. I was 4 years younger than Jeff and his friend's but I got to play with them learning things about sports and other fun things to do. We used pretend we were soldier's and spend the whole day out in the Sand Marsh where the North side Shoko is way before it was there. Or fishing for Northern Pike across the highway in the bay where the I-90 Bridge went across the river to French Island. The bridge wasn't there yet either. And we would catch some really big Northern's,It was always a great time. Jeff was a great role model for all the neighborhood kids who would help you in anyway he possibly could. In my opinion he was a true legend the way he lived his life. When we moved to the south side for my second half of 5th grade and the years after into adulthood whenever I'd run into Jeff somewhere he always had time stop and chat and reminisce about the great times our neighborhood had for us to grow up in. LaCrosse is a better place because of the live's Jeff interacted with and he really was a true American Legend never really getting the true recognition he truly deserved. I now live in Louisianna and have been here for 9 years now. I'm truly saddened to hear of Jeff's passing for like I said many times before, he was more than a friend he was a Big Brother to us all! His legacy lives on and I hope the city will put up a landmark in his name,He certainly deserves it. May god bless his family and help them through there sad time. But Jeffs right beside you all watching over you. With Deepest Sympathy, Russ
From Russell F. Peterson

8:40 am - 08/13/17

Rest in Peace Officer Graves, A very nice, respectful man. Really looked out for the students and wanted them to be the best they could be.
From Dorene Berger

7:15 am - 08/13/17

Jeff was one of the "guys" I have remembered through the years from my high school days, playing football and on the track team with him. He just stood out as an athlete and good guy. And then later in life seeing him as a law enforcement officer, I would think, there is a good man, helping the community. My condolences to the family.
From Tom Fuchs

6:01 am - 08/13/17

I would see Jeff and Janet at the FoodCoop and we would have coffee. Jeff was a kind, pleasant gentleman. My prayers and sympathy to Janet and the family.
From Richard Dungar

5:50 am - 08/13/17

I first met Officer Graves in 5th grade at Jefferson Elementary School through the Dare program. He then became the Officer at Logan when I was there. He truly was an amazing friend towards everyone and treated all of the students as though we were one of his own kids. He was so inspirational and touched my life for the better. My heartfelt condolences to his family. This is an immeasurable loss. RIP OG
From Jessica ( Schmidt) D'Ambrosia

9:45 pm - 08/12/17

Jeff touched alot of lives while he was still with us....In his farewell letter...he tells us how he loved his life and everyone in it. I am proud and very happy that I had the opportunity to work with Jeff....He was always so humble and he loved the kids. He was a special person and we are all going to miss him. God bless Jeff's family......someday they'll be reunited with him in Heaven.
From Mike coady

7:15 pm - 08/12/17

On behalf of the La Crosse Logan Alumni Association we would like to extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to you and yours on the passing of a former Ranger. Please be assured that our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
From La Crosse Logan Alumni Association

11:28 am - 08/12/17

My most meaningful memory for Jeff is back in November 1968. I was just 18 years, getting married in Colorado and Jeff,Janet & Janice came out to share in our wedding. Friends don't come any better than that! Thankful for the memories!
From Vicki Engevold

12:31 pm - 08/11/17

Officer Graves patient and caring spirit was apparent to each student in his D.A.R.E. classes. He treated each person with dignity, gentleness, and generosity.
From Sue Schettle

3:22 pm - 08/10/17

What a beautiful memorial for a special soul. I first met Jeff when I was around 12 years old. I was a member of WOF at St. Lukes. He was more than a youth leader- he was a mentor that went above and beyond for kids of that age. I still remember him driving the big bus, and all of us kids singing songs as we rolled to the little town churches to perform. He had patience!!! I was not surprised when he became the officer at Logan. What a perfect fit. JEFF-- you and Janet will always have a place in my heart. You were there for us during a time in our lives that our path could have gone another way. RIP
From Brenda Strong

1:30 pm - 08/10/17

My memory of Jeff and I have many. I was in 7th grade at the Logan Wrestling Invite.My dad had passed away when I was in 1st grade. And never really got the chance to watch me play sports. That day Jeff watched everyone of my matches not in the stands like most moms and dads. I mean on the edge of the mat.I took 1st place after we had finished he said GOOD WRESTLING KID. And I was thinking of this in the days before his passing. Sorry to hear of your families loss. Jeff was alway a larger then life man .
From Eric Jensen

2:54 pm - 08/08/17

My heart sunk when I heard of Jeff's passing. As a former dispatcher for him my memories of him are of what a wonderful officer he was and what a joy he was to work with. Thinking back it is hard for me to remember a time when Jeff did not have a smile on his face. My sympathies go out to his family,friends and former fellow officers. Jeff, your legacy lives on in your fellow officer and son Heath. Rest with the angels sir and watch over us all.
From Rebecca Daily_Vesperman

9:46 am - 08/07/17

Jeff filled our lives with song and faith. He will always be with us.
From Lori (Ellis) Dunham

5:11 am - 08/07/17

Jeff was truly my lifelong friend. We were next door neighbors from the age of 1 year. It is rare that 2 neighbors grow up together and remain close for 66 years. Even though I moved to Los Angeles 40 years ago this month, Jeff and Janet found their way to visit me when Jeff was in town for D.A.R.E training. When I came home to La Crosse, Jeff and Janet were my "go-to" friends for dinner, games and lots of kitty talk. I am flooded with memories to share from playing a swimming pool at age 2, playing marbles in the alley, building snow forts and leaf houses, going boating on the river, walking to Roosevelt School together,then riding bikes to Franklin School, sharing life's adventures in Jr. High. Senior High brought happiness when my dear friend Janet became Jeff's girlfriend,then his wife. Memories of Jeff practicing with his band in his basement, the house parties we had, Jeff riding his motorcycle with the rest of the "Kane Street Gang" and then the birth of his daughter, Heather. My proudest memory of Jeff is when he was in his full police officer uniform at a D.A.R.E. officer awards ceremony in Los Angeles. It was so amazing to see him in my city getting an award. The last time I saw Jeff, I was staying at his house. He came home unexpectedly to pick something up. He walked into the kitchen. I was in awe. There was my life-long friend in his police uniform with his gun belt. I immediately had a sense that Jeff really had an important job. Rest in peace, dear friend, Jeff. Thank you for your service to your community. Thank you for 66 years of friendship. I wonder if we would win the award at the next class reunion for being the classmates that have been friends the longest time.
From Cindy Ross

12:03 am - 08/07/17