Guestbook for William A. Miller
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We enjoyed getting to know Bill from his Orange County visits and then in La Crosse. He was so friendly and sweet and his military service stories were precious.
From Michelle & Stephen Marciniec

8:32 am - 09/30/17

I recall how Bill enthusiastically flew to our nation's capital as one of the veterans who enjoyed a trip on the Freedom Flight. Although it was a long day for him, his family could tell by his wide smile that he felt honored by it all. Rest in Peace, Sailor!
From Jill Miller

12:24 pm - 09/24/17

It was a privalge to meet bill at hillview and to be part of his routine he always made me laugh. He will be missed by all.
From Karen Ruege rca at hillview terrece

9:47 am - 09/24/17

I will miss my Uncle Bill. I allways enjoyed coming to La Crosse to visit him.I remember when I was a kid I always thought I wanted to grow up and be just like him.He really new how to have a good time.I remember when I had just got my drivers licence and he had a brand new car and he let me drive it. We were on Land drive and he said give it the gas and see what it will do.I said I don't think I should.Rest in Peace Uncle Bill.
From Ron Derks

11:18 pm - 09/23/17

I was privileged to get to know Bill through our visits, Bible studies and breakfasts. He was truly a remarkable man although he denied it. I know it's true.
From David Grimsled

12:10 pm - 09/21/17