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Bob was the best cousin a little gal could have he was many years older than I. His Ma my aunt Florence was always in charge of me at all our family get togethers. The Boys would be down stairs playing pool and I would sit at the top of the stars and listen to all the stories. Christmas eve was always at our house and Christmas day at Bobs. We started writing to each other after my Brother passed and he helped me clean out my Moms place. Making me laugh at everything he uncovered.Took me out to eat each night.We shared stories of his dog buttons and how he took care of Ma so she could stay at home as long as possible. Just the best human ever. I will truly miss your card and your sign off " go packers"
From Barbara Mitchell-Phillips

5:48 pm - 08/01/18

Bob will be truly missed. For many years he was a guest at my "Orphans" Thanksgiving Dinner. Sometimes he could even be found in the kitchen mashing potatoes. He had a grumpy exterior with a heart of pure gold.
From Fran Hegenbarth

1:05 pm - 06/04/18

I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was a friend of our family and always said hi wherever we met. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for your loss. God Bless!
From Debbie (Nagle) Seidel

11:29 am - 06/01/18

Bob was my mother's cousin but being only 6 years older than me he was always just my cousin too. When I was younger he was more like my big brother. Bob and his parents were often at our house for dinner. Once after dinner when I was fairly young Bob took me to see the Wizard of Oz. It scared the bejeebies out of me. As I got older Bob and I did a lot together. We went to numerous movies and played a lot of basketball together. Later when he was home on leave from the Navy, or home for good, we would go golfing with his dad. Bob and Herb had this thing where they would mutter little things just as I was ready to swing to distract me, and it usually worked. But I got even when the three of us went fishing. Bob sat in the front of my boat, Herb in the middle and me in the back. Over the course of a week Herb and I caught several limits of crappies and sunfish, Bob got only two. Bob also took me hunting before I could drive. I used to think it was because I was good company, but I soon realized it was because Bob was a terrible shot and he wanted to come home with something. We had some great times together and Bob was always up for some fun. He was one of the kindest individuals you could hope to meet and I will miss him.
From Ken Olson

10:19 am - 06/01/18

Bob was my first cousin. When our parents got together, he was in charge of taking me to the zoo or a movie to stay out of the way while the parents could visit. And, now, you get to see all the Nelson uncles and aunts! RIP Bobby Jim! Judy
From Judith Nelson Repinski

9:34 pm - 05/31/18

Robert J. Nelson, was a name I never knew. It was only Bob Nelson. Bob and I were born across the street within two months of each other in 1939. When kids we used to pull each other around the neighborhood in a wagon. Our parents were very good friends also. Herb and Florence were the best. Bob and I started school over on Campbell Road at Emerson. We also went to Washington School, then on to Central High School. We also both served in the US Navy. I left La Crosse and settled in CA, but Bob and I remained friends throughout all those years. He was a great friend. He will be missed. I will also miss those telephone calls we had. He was not into writing letters anymore as we grew older. Rest in peace my friend. Many memories to remember during our lives. Roger Bates
From Roger M. Bates

10:35 am - 05/31/18