Guestbook for Boyd Charles-Lee Brevik
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There are no words I could write or say to express the sorrow I feel for you Derek, Brandi, Bliss and all your family. We send our prayers for strength for you. Boyd was and will always be so loved.
From Samantha Wirth and family

10:59 am - 09/05/18

Derek,Brandi and Bliss we are so deeply sorry for your loss. Boyd will be forever remembered. Stay strong and god bless you all.
From Joan and Terry Porath

7:54 am - 09/04/18

Sending the family of Boyd heartfelt condolences in his passing. "We each have to find our own way through our grief. Just as each child is special and different, so is each mother, and our pain when our child dies is unique to us, but we do not have to walk the path alone." He is playing with angels now.
From Lisa Myhre

2:02 pm - 09/03/18

You don’t know me and I do not know you. However, my heart goes out to you. Whatever the circumstances, I expect there is a huge hole, hurt and heart desire to have him back. His precious possessions and delight with his sister give an outsider a glimpse into this adorable little boy. I can imagine his personality and this delightful little person. I cannot, however, Imagine adequately the void you must sense in your hearts, lives and family. None of us has the answer to such difficult losses. I do pray you will be given comfort when you need it the most. We, clearly, live in an imperfect world, in so many ways. Sometimes I wonder if it is the little souls like Boyd who have brought delight to others for a short time but are snatched away seemingly too soon, who are actually the ones who have been rescued early. That comes from an old pediatrics nurse, who has seen tough things, but also has seen families grow and heal. May you eventually even find purpose and joy in, not only his short life, but in your faith and assurance of his ultimate and perfect healing... and a future glory far beyond what this world has to offer. May the Lord bless you beautifully and may you sense His presence and love and eventual healing of this hurt.
From Marlene Hutter

1:46 pm - 09/03/18

So sorry about Boyd! We've been praying for him at our church. He's not that much older than Rochelle's girl Ellie. I can't imagine losing your little guy and what he must have gone through. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Rita
From Terry and Rita Riehm family

10:25 am - 09/03/18

My heartfelt sympathy and love. Boyd was an angel here on earth and now in God's loving arms. How hard for all of you. Please know we are caring about you and will keep you in our prayers. Bliss, Sending lots of love and hugs. You were the best big sister ever. Loving you all (I'm a Evergreener and my granddaughter, Macy played on the same softball team as you, last year.)
From Cathy J Braund

7:26 am - 09/03/18

Dear Sweet Brandi, Derek and Bliss: I am so sorry for your pain with the passing of Boyd. I know nothing anyone says will ease that pain. It’s so hard to understand sometimes why things happen the way they do. I know it doesn’t seem that way right know but God is a loving God and has bigger plans for all of you. Sometimes it might seem easy to blame Him but He does not want to hurt any of you, He merely needed Boyd with Him in heaven for a greater purpose right now. Please remember how much you and Boyd are loved and keep his memory alive in your hearts. Please also know that many people love you and are praying for your family. Remember to lean on God and each other for that love and support each of you deserves. He will not leave you and sees each tear you cry. Boyd was a gift on loan from God as we all are. Unfortunately his loan came due much too soon. He was a beautiful boy and will be a beautiful angel. My father in law passed the same day as Boyd 3 yrs ago. My father is also in heaven along with many other relatives that will love and watch over your sweet Boyd until each of you are able to join him someday. I will continue to pray for peace for all of you.
From Beth RN

10:54 pm - 09/02/18

The sun will rise everyday with a big smile because your shining down on us Boyd! You are an Angel that will watch over all of us and give us strength and wings to fly everyday! I love you so much you have forever touched my heart! Rest in peace by little angel!
From Ashlee and little Denver

7:12 am - 09/02/18

I was so sorry to hear about Boyd, He was at the same daycare with Vivian, your family is in my prayers,
From Joan Barnes

6:53 am - 09/02/18

My deepest sorrow and sympathy for you and your family. There are no words that can heal your immense paid, but be comforted in that Boyd is being rocked to sleep by the Holy Father and his angels.
From Timothy Jones

4:46 pm - 09/01/18

My your son be at peace now. I have been in your position take your days one at a time, find comfort in each other and all who will help.
From Steve and Doris Szydel

3:37 pm - 09/01/18