Guestbook for Neil Loran Sanders
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I had the very great privilege of being Neil's nephew, and godson. As a child, he always made me feel as appreciated as an adult. As an adult, he never let me forget what it was like to be a kid. God Bless you, Unc. They don't make them like you anymore. All my love, Larry
From Larry Anderson

6:01 pm - 10/23/18

I so enjoyed my many visits with Neil and Mary in their home. There were stories to tell and always the jokes. I will miss those visits which were uplifting and encouraging. May you rest in peace.
From Joyce

12:38 pm - 10/22/18

Neil really did bring light and happiness to everyone he met and helped. His life and his gift was his ability to serve others. A hand salute for my cousin and fellow veteran, Navy Chief "Doc" Neil Sanders.
From Craig and Gwen Sanders

9:24 am - 10/21/18

My love, I will cherish every moment we spent together which were many over the years. You have given me so much and I thank you for that. I don't have just one memory I could share because so many are precious and way to many to mention ;) If someone were to ask I would definitely share little tidbits, as I have been with the kids and they with me. We have shared many laughs and many tears this week so far. I miss you terribly--my heart hurts without you here. But I know you will always be with me because you taught me so much about so many things. I love you, Neil and I know you knew that. 1 memory I will share: we were out on the bike, just cruising around going no where and we stopped for a break and while we were sitting there you looked at me and said "I love you. I have never had so much fun with ANYONE as I do when you and I are going no where doing nothing together, just us" I have cherished that ever since. Rest easy my love until "I'll see ya when I see ya"
From Mary Sanders

8:07 am - 10/21/18

As a classmate of Neil's I have very fond memories of our time in high school, as he was quite the jokester even back then. Although I haven't seen Neil in many years I only remember good things about him and know he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they go through this difficult time.
From Mike Cleary

11:37 am - 10/19/18

I am so sorry to hear of Neil's passing. I knew him when I was young and hadn't seen him in a long time but still have fond memories. He was always a very nice man - always available to help others in need. Rest in Peace Neil! My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
From Shanna

4:34 am - 10/19/18

He was one of the finest story tellers you would ever know. His love, kindness, and giving heart, would show up in every story he had to tell. His love and smile will shine forever. Rest in peace, you will be missed. Love ya
From Rhonda Peterson

6:50 pm - 10/18/18

I had the honor and blessings of having met and friend one of the most caring men in the world. Neil is one of the most genuine, intelligent, compassionate, passionate, loved life in his hometown and may I add had THE BEST sense of humor? Neil first contacted me via email in February 2010 regarding an investigation which later we became producers of the full length documentary ‘The Hidden Truth?’ One of my fondest memories was during one of our visits in LaCrosse. I remember getting up super early and Neil and I were the only ones up. We sat out on the deck drinking coffee and we just talked. At times I was lured in to his Morgan Freeman type voice & dialogue and got the privilege to know who Neil was, his life long Forest Gump adventures and I became one of those stories from that point on. At this point Neil called me his Amigo (and I’ll NEVER forget that). So all I can do is hold one hand on my heart, point into the sky, give a smile and a quick wink and say ...”Good Journey Amigo!”
From Jay Bachochin

3:31 pm - 10/18/18

I am Paul Solberg's daughter and have known Neil and his family for many years. I am so sorry to hear about his passing. Prayers for all at this difficult time.
From Jennifer Olson

12:11 pm - 10/18/18

I had the honor of being invited to Neil and Mary's home to view the showing of his documentary. It was so amazing. Neil loved talking about his theories and answered all of our questions. He was funny and charming and will be missed by many.
From Brenda Freehill

8:42 am - 10/18/18