Guestbook for Jerry J. Pryor
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I'm so very sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. He was such a jolly fellow. He always had a story to share. I always appreciated how he saw the lighter side of life. A good example for us all. Sending my heartfelt condolences to Joyce and the family. Warmest Regards, David
From David Lowman

9:25 pm - 11/10/18

Jerry and I were Safety Stewards and worked together many many times , it was always a pleasure working and talking with Jerry he was such a great guy and a great Union Brother.Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace
From Doug Schacht

1:20 pm - 11/09/18

Sorry to learn of Jerry's passing. Always enjoyed our time together at Island Lake. Remember all the good times. It will get better.
From Cleo Weber

5:57 am - 11/09/18

We are sorry to learn of Jerry's death. We enjoyed getting to know him at Holmen Area Historical Society meetings. He had many interesting memories and stories to share. Plus he kept us well supplied with egg cartons! We are making a donation to HAHS in his honor.
From Lynne and Keith Valiquette

8:27 am - 11/08/18

I had the pleasure of working with Jerry at Trane & Airfest. Had many conversations with him about flying & work. Our condolences to his family.
From Bill Hart

1:15 pm - 11/07/18

I worked at Trane Company for several years and Jerry was one of my absolute favorite people to visit with anytime I needed to go to the tool room for anything. He was a very special man and will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. Prayers to his entire family.
From Kelly Jo Anderson

1:58 am - 11/07/18

The Pryor family was always special to the Sonsalla family of6 kids. Audrey babysat for us. Roger asked me to prom..both of us were shy. Then Boyd Grant married Jerry's daughter, Laura. More connections. That was a fun wedding as we knew both sides of the families.We again met at my first cousin's surprise birthday party for Sue Grant.So nice to read of the wonderful memories of Jerry. Rest in peace, you had a blessed life. Always, Mary Sonsalla Hyde
From Mary Sonsalla Hyde

4:12 pm - 11/06/18

I worked around Jerry for many years. We got to be friends and was a good person to talk with. Sorry for your loss
From Wayne Mooney

3:02 pm - 11/06/18

To my Uncle Jerry Pryor. From my pallet of winter..Book to you. From my pallet of winter..he let me paint you spring. I've a shower of my heart to bring. The heavy clouds of winter..looking so very sad and tired. Await the new season..when the clouds of spring are admired. Snowflakes turn to dew drops..falling lightly to the sprouts. Flowers blossom, creatures wake. And I'm relieved of further doubt. So God lives on, my heart is fresh...another phase of like's begun. And I am flying high- on love in another war of time..we've won.
From Pamela R. Thomas-Williams

2:28 pm - 11/06/18

I worked around Jerry for many years. We got to be friends and was a good person to talk with. Sorry for your loss
From Wayne Mooney

2:06 pm - 11/06/18

I was so sad to hear of Jerry’s passing. My condolences go out to Joyce and his loved ones. Jean La Fleur.

12:54 pm - 11/06/18

One of the hardest things in my life is to say good bye to my big brother. He was always there for me whether it was bringing me home from school when I was sick or helping to pay for one of my semesters in college. He taught me how to drive and let me drive his new Thunderbird when I was in high school. He answered many mechanical/car questions through the years and always promoted safety at all costs. He was furious with me when I hitchhiked home from Madison to attend Oktoberfest. Jerry cared for our mother after our father died in the most kind and gentle way. He was a good man in every respect and his great stories and sense of humor will be greatly missed by many. I love you Big Brother. May you rest in peace as you "Walk On" to your next adventure.
From Andrea (Pryor) Harkins

9:26 am - 11/06/18