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Doug, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. Don’t know if you and Pat still talk, our folks are still around and live on Medary Lane, just across the river from County B. I hope your heart fills the void with all the best memories! Love to you and your family. Paula
From Paula Lamke

10:36 am - 03/06/19

My sympathy Treena, Doug, and families. I knew your Mom through my profession as a dental hygienist. I recall your Dad was a character. I remember his wonderful sense of humor and your Mom was always gracious and kind. She will be remembered with love. Sandy Linhart RDH
From Sandra Linhart

6:55 pm - 12/30/18

I always had such fun memories of spending time with Jozella and the family at your "river house". I learned to dive off the dock, water ski, and skipped rocks until my arm hurt! Jozella was always so calm and kind, no matter how many kids were around. She took the time to always ask about school and other activities I was involved in. The one memory I will never forget is when she performed "surgery" to get an erector set screw out of my ear! She will be missed, and my thoughts and prayers are with Treena, Doug, and the rest of the family.
From Kevin Papacek

2:39 pm - 12/27/18

I worked with Jozella at Gundersen Clinic for 11 years back in the early eighties-early 90's. She was always so kind and energetic that it's hard to believe she is gone. please know that my prayers are with you both, Treena & Doug & families.
From Connie Zenke

8:32 pm - 12/01/18

Treena, Doug And family, I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss your Mom, we were neighbors at Hidden Harbor Condo's. I am thankful for the nice visit we were able to have on a Amtrak train ride a few weeks ago. She on her way to Milwaukee & I to Chicago. We chatted about family. She told me how happy she was in her new home, but missed the water & the view. I will miss our Hamberger night at Nutbush. Know that she loved all of you so much. Sending you light and love at this difficult time. Caroline
From Caroline Poukey

8:41 am - 11/30/18

Like Jozella's husband, Tom (my Central '62 classmate, she was a fundamentally good and generous human being. I am sorry for her passing.
From Bill Mullen

3:59 pm - 11/29/18

My condolences go out to Doug, Brenda, Treena and the entire family for this loss. Jozella was definitely a special lady with a energetic and fun personality. I have so many memories, as a child and into my adult years, with Jozella. From my younger years on the West Salem property, I remember sitting with you on the large swing hung from the old tree, feeding the fish in your ponds, riding horses, driving a golf cart into the ditch (oops) and sledding down the hill and across the frozen pond in the winter. As an adult, I remember visiting your Sebring home, sharing Bloody Mary's (made with beer, instead of vodka), watching NASCAR races and picking lots of fruit from your fruit trees. More recently, I remember the pontoon ride we enjoyed on the Black River and swinging from your porch swing while watching the sun set. You will be missed by many! I hope the family finds comfort in knowing that you are now re-united with your soul mate, Tom. Please say "Hi" to him up there from me, as Tom has also been greatly missed down here on earth. Rest In Peace, Jozella.
From Jessica Schmitz

12:46 pm - 11/29/18

I would like the family to know that my thoughts are with them. May your memories stay close and be comforting to you.
From Nan Cleveland

11:38 am - 11/29/18

Dear family of Jozella: I workded with Jozella many years ago in Physicians Billing at Gundersen and she was always a ball of energy, always up for the next adventure, large or small, and always talked with great love and pride about her children. She was a good woman to work with in the long and often boring work of coding and could always make us laugh. That is a good thing, to be and to have a good co-worker or a good neighbor, and I did not take her for granted. Rest in peace, the rest of heaven -- Jozella will be bouncing off the clouds!
From Chrisanne McGraw

10:55 am - 11/29/18

My sympathy to Jozella’s family. It is difficult to lose someone whom you knew and loved your whole life. Jozella and I were BFF’s and inseparable during our middle school years. We had much in common...we both played the flute, were in marching band, liked the same boy, sang in the choir together, and just had fun! Jozella went on to play the piccolo and xylophone! Even at that age she could really sew, too! At Central High, we found different interests but still remained friends. I have fond memories of this lady...always determined, always positive attitude, and always a true friend. Keeping you close in prayer.
From Joan (Joanie) Jarchow Romanini

9:46 am - 11/29/18

We want to let Jozella's family know how much we share your grief. We became friends at Hidden Harbor and during winter stops in Sebring, Florida. She was such a character and we enjoyed our conversations with her. She had so much energy and looked with optimism on every change in her life. We liked beer. She liked beer. We liked sharing a beer with her. We enjoyed our last visit with her at her new home on County B and our dinner at Creekside.
From Mark and Joyce Dyar

4:46 pm - 11/28/18

Josie and some neighbors were at my condo-5109- for some refreshments last Christmas season and her and I drank some beer on my back driveway last summer. We both lost our mates in early 2016. She was a fine lady and will be missed.
From George Krall

1:32 pm - 11/28/18