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Ken and Pat have been cherished friends for a long time. Ken actually found and then drove my first motorcycle home for me once I purchased it from Taska Ward…. as I did not have a license yet. They have attended most all special occasions with us and we have had so many wonderful times together. Cycling with the GoldWing club and on our own outings with just Ken and Pat. Ah the wonderful cinnamon rolls at NutBush. Even when we moved away we made a point to keep in touch and visit each other. Meeting half way in Tomah for lunch and visits to the Antique shop. Other times we would make the trip to each others homes. Many rounds of Dominos and Sequence where Ken and I teamed up against the gals. What fun and great food too! Ken had some well know sayings that will always stick with me. An example would be when he enjoyed a meal he would say….”That sure was good goop”. And his famous one word response……”Oh” with his hand on his chin and a questioning look in his eye. Ken fought the good fight and really did make the best of it with Pat by his side. So many great memories will keep him alive in our minds and hearts. We will always miss you and thankyou for the memories my friend. God Speed!
From Mark and Bobbie Kraehenbuehl

3:23 pm - 04/17/19

Many a good breakfast we have shared with Ken and Patsy. Many a good stories have been told. Many good discussions on politics , religon, and what ever else came up ....... We just had a hell of a lot of fun ..... You are very much missed dear friend.
From Dennis and Gina Wood

2:45 pm - 04/13/19

Met Ken at GM, although we both grew up in the Cashton/LaFarge area. We worked with and around each other for 40 years. Since retirement, my wife Reba and I met Ken and Pat many times, for Day trips, lunches and casinos. Ken fought a tough and long health battle, but was always looking on the bright side. Reba and I will surely miss him. R I P Ken!
From Larry Vitcenda

12:48 pm - 04/11/19

These last years with my dad have been the best and I'm so glad we had them. I will hold tightly to the memories of shared games of poker at the casino in the Dells area that we did on a regular basis, and the many lunches and talks, too. He has taught me many things over the span of our relationship, and I am stronger for it. His love of learning and music is also mine, and his continued happiness in seeing every new day arrive despite the many health issues he dealt with in his later life has shown me how it should be done when your body is warring against you. I love you, Papa, and am glad you were here.
From Sherri Erickson

8:56 am - 04/03/19