Dickinson Funeral Home assists families with traditional funerals, crematory and memorial services.Dickinson Funeral Home & Crematory provides families with options in planning a funeral service for a loved one.
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Our Company & Services

Dickinson Funeral Home offers you funeral services which are unique to your needs. We have an on site crematory for cremation and can also assist with traditional services of any denomination or request. Contact us if you have specific questions on our company's services.

Traditional Family Service

This option includes a funeral with the body present for a visitation or remembrance. A service takes place at one of our facilities, a church or location of you or your family's choice followed by a procession to a cemetery for burial.

Traditional Family Service followed by Cremation

This option is the same service as a traditional family service funeral but involves a rental of a cremation casket. Following the services the body is taken to our crematory for cremation. The burial, entombent or retrieval of the cremains occurs at a later date.

Memorial Service

This option is a service which takes place after the body has been buried or cremated. If the body was cremated, the ashes, also called cremains, are often present at the service. The location of the service may vary from one of our chapels, a church or a location of the family's choosing.

Direct Cremation

This option involves the cremation taking place as soon as possible following the statutory 48 hr time period. No embalming or viewing of the body takes place. The funeral home assists the family with all details and paperwork for the cremation to be performed.