La Crosse Wisconsin area Dickinson Funeral Homes offers funeral pre-planning services and helps you understand the options available.Pre-Planning funeral expenses in the La Crosse area is a specialty of Dickinson Funeral Homes.
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mind, we offer pre-planning services
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Pre-Planning Funerals

Comfort to Those Left Behind

Pre-planning funerals provides you and your family members the peace of mind that comes from having one's affairs in order. Pre-planning is a practical gesture because it allows you to make unhurried, informed decisions. At Dickinson Family Funeral Home, we specialize in helping individuals select the right funeral/memorial service that fits their needs. We answer your questions and provide valuable information to assist your pre-planning needs. The majority of the families we help pre-plan a funeral will do so to qualify for medical assistance. Your funds are placed in an irrevocable funeral plan which insures monies are available to pay for pre-planned funeral or memorial services at the time of death.

Advantages to Pre-Planning Your Funeral

The primary advantage to pre-planning funerals is the peace of mind mentioned above. Reducing the burden of funeral planning which falls on family members during a stressful time is something for which your family will be grateful. Your pre-planning ensures everything you want for your funeral is recorded and financially funded. It takes the worry and guess work away.

Funerals are normally difficult to discuss and pre-planning clarifies your wishes for many decisions otherwise left to your family members. Decisions such as, the type of funeral service, the casket you prefer, burial vault, the music you would like at the service, flowers, how cemetery expenses are to be handled, luncheon, or even the church fees. Important obituary information can also be recorded during pre-planning and updated as you feel appropriate to make sure your obituary is accurate. To help you begin your pre-planning needs we have provided a Pre-Planning Guide and Obituary Questionnaire.

Pre-Planning Payment Options

One of the Dickinson Funeral Home directors are available to help you select a payment option suited to your personal needs. Funds can be set aside to help cover the cost of services or a policy can be established to cover the entire funeral service, guaranteeing the costs of your selected service.

Contact us today to set up a free pre-need arrangement consultation. Crematory services are also available at Dickinson Funeral Home and can be taken into consideration with your pre-planning.